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$19.95 Month

Manage Public and Private Listings

  1. Create your own online search engine. No software needed.
    Completely Online Menu Driven.
  2. Easy Copy and Paste search form into your exising home page.
  3. No Home Page? Bookmark directly to your personal/private search engine.
  4. Create keyword searchable lists of Web Sites with Private and Public access.
  5. Share files and links with friends, family, and business associates.
  6. Password protected access to select files and home page addresses.
  7. Submit form for others to submit to your database.
  8. Store files anywhere on the Web -- Search and Retrieve from one central location.
  9. Customize your results page with your Banner, background image,
    back ground color and font colors.
  10. Contribute links and information to the shared Internet Community.
  11. Share and Swap links to form "Virtual" Internet Communities.
  12. User Control Panel (Versions may Vary)
  13. Record up to 1,000 links or products.
    Upgrade to Business Search for more space and added features including database uploading in one step and custom database creation.